"In this case, he is Iron Man, we know the characters, we know the tone, we know the rules, the way the world works ... and now we get to play."
Jon Favreau onIron Man 2.

A brand new set video that's definitely not as annoying as those flashy Entertainment Tonight videos has arrived online via France's Canal Plus, and though the intro is in French, the rest of it -- which includes some never-before-seen set footage and interviews with Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. -- is definitely worth a watch. As you can see from the image above -- which shows Scarlett Johansson wearing Iron Man's repulsor glove -- the video teases us with a little more Black Widow action. Not only do we get that brief shot, but we also catch a glimpse of Johansson (as Black Widow?) walking away from an explosion, as well as taking part in some pretty cool stunt work.

Instead of ET's set video on the racetrack, this one takes us inside Tony Stark's workshop, where Stark is attempting (and failing) to build a giant particle accelerator that wraps around and up through his driveway. Says Downey Jr, "I'd be surprised if you weren't surprised." Following that up, Favreau also notes how, historically, the second superhero movie usually rocks. "In comedies, number two is bad because you do the same story again. But with a superhero movie, number two is easier and better. And usually, if you look at most superhero movies, two is better than one. Three is usually not as good as two or one, so that becomes scary because you don't want to repeat yourself."

Watch the video after the jump. Iron Man 2 hits theaters on May 7, 2010.