We already know that Women in Trouble is some sort of identity crisis cinema. Jette's review mentioned that the film not only rethinks exploitation cinema, but also sports a "Lifetime channel" feel in some scenes. Then Jenny posted about the weirdness that was the film's backstage video, where the women talk about strong language, sex, and commando-style wardrobe. ...But they also hinted that maybe guys would think this is a "chick flick."

While they probably wouldn't before, I bet they will now. The trailer for Women in Trouble has gone up over at Apple, and while it does have all that it promises -- raunchy glimpses of sex, "hot chicks in lingerie" -- it's also got ... rousing music teamed with pictures of girls frolicking, tearful exclamations from a wife whose husband is cheating on her, discussions of loneliness, and the montage of smiling scenes that introduce all the actors in the film while the lyrics say: "I just want to be loved." Yet it also ends with back-to-back dialog: ""If we don't tell people how we feel, what are we doing here?" ... "Do you have fake boobs?"

I dig the confusion, to a degree. There's no better way to get some parties interested in the film other than to confuse them enough that they have to see it and figure out what's what. But with this super-sweet trailer in 100% classic "chick flick" style, it seems like they're finally throwing out the confusion and letting the film dig deep into its interpersonal relationships. But then the poster (to the right) still looks campy. Is this just another step to the confusion? Will some spanky-saucy trailer come next? What do you make of all this, and do you think this all will work?