I am appalled this awesome little news item slipped past my radar, and even more upset that I am just now hearing that Rashida Jones has a comic book called Frenemy of the State at Oni Press. As if that isn't neat enough, Variety reports that Frenemy has just been optioned by Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment. I mean, a comic book that's not only penned by a woman, but stars a young woman is actually being optioned. It's the stuff geek girl dreams are made of.

But I'm jumping the gun a little here, because if you're as out of the loop as I was, you don't know what Frenemy of the State is about. It stars a young heiress who works undercover for the CIA, and was described at ComicCon as "What if Paris Hilton was a spy?" But Jones describes the heroine as being a little classier than that: "She has lived a life of privilege, attended the best schools and learned every language, but her obsession with spying on exes gets her into trouble and she is recruited to be a spy in exchange for not going to prison. There is a comic element to it, this girl who is so conscious of social standing and wearing the right shoes, suddenly becoming responsible for these dangerous, life-threatening missions." If that sounds a bit drippy, remember that Lara Croft started off as a careless young heiress too, until she discovered the thrill of artifacts and firearms.
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