Paranormal ActivityThanks to a wildly successful (and highly unorthodox) marketing campaign and near universal acclaim, horror flick 'Paranormal Activity' is probably the hottest ticket in your town. The low-budget film -- it cost a mere $11,000 for a seven-day shoot -- was first released only in college towns, then slowly rolled out to additional markets based on an online audience demand campaign. Last weekend 'Paranormal' took in an astounding $49,379 per screen, earning $7.9 million for the weekend (compare that with the massively marketed 'Couples Retreat,' which cost Universal $60 million to make and earned $34.3 mil on 3,000 screens, making a less impressive $11,429 per screen).

Based on the success so far, Paramount has decided to take 'Paranormal' nationwide this weekend. So, should you believe the hype? Well, it's been haunting me ever since I saw it a week ago -- I'm still sleeping with all the lights on (and forcing my poor husband to escort me into the basement to do laundry), so I'm going to have to answer that question with a big YES. This is the rare scary movie that actually gets under your skin, and stays there long after the theater lights come up. And it's quite simply the most effective haunted-house movie I've ever seen.