There's nothing the old-school horror freaks love to do more than sit around and throw some love at the movies and the people they truly admire. Even better when they can do it on stage and hand out some actual awards! That's what happened last night in Los Angeles when a bunch of horror makers, lovers, and journalists sat down to appreciate the goodness of Hellraiser, Ghostbusters, Friday the 13th, [REC], The Last House on the Left, Alien Raiders, and a few others.

The full list of winner is available after the jump, or you could just check these two reports at Dread Central -- nominees / winners -- and see if the judges made the same calls you would have. I can say that I respect the affections thrown towards the Anchor Bay people. It was their Hellraiser blu-ray that won the accolades, but AB has been turning out great renditions of classic horror for quite some time now, and obviously I'm not the only one who appreciates it. (Their Evil Dead 2 blu is pretty awesome.)

Well done, Reapers. Always nice to see another spotlight shone on the best of home video horror.
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