Robert Rodriguez's Predators reboot has left us all with mixed feelings, particularly after the offbeat casting choices that were announced last week. If you read that and said "Man, you know what I really want instead? A movie that's likePredators, but original!", then you might be in luck. The Hollywood Reporter tells of an action thriller called Psy-Ops that was penned by Scott Stewart and Gus Krieger, and might just introduce some new terror into the jungle.* It was just optioned by Bold Films, and will be directed by Stuart Maschwitz as his feature film debut.

centers on that usual gang of suspects, a U.S. military team sent on a routine mission to the Amazon Basin. Instead of being the typical black-ops bunch, these guys are psychological operatives who specialize in exploiting the deepest and darkest fears of their enemies. But on this trip to the Basin, the tables will be turned, and blood will be spilled as they "discover something more terrifying than they could have imagined." And these guys have imagined a lot.

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