I suppose web series are a more lucrative business model than a cynic like myself assumed, because Paramount's "Circle of Eight" looks like a more elaborate production than one would expect from a series that premieres its episodes on MySpace. I mean, it does have DJ Qualls in it, the star of such timeless classics as Road Trip, The New Guy, and, of course, The Core. That casting alone instantly elevates "Circle of Eight" above the competition. Er...you're telling me Crackle's "Woke Up Dead" stars Jon Heder? Okay, so maybe getting comedic actors who were at their career apex five years ago to star in a web series isn't that hard to do.

Kidding aside, the trailer (embedded below) for "Circle of Eight" has a nice 'dilapidated apartment building and its creepy tenants' vibe a la Toolbox Murders going on. And the official description promises all kinds of special little web touches like hidden clues, games, and even cell-phone content for those who are into that kind of thing when the show premieres on October 27th.

"Jessica, a newcomer to the City of Angels, has just moved into a loft on the eighth floor of The Dante, a historic and eerie downtown building filled with friendly twenty-something neighbors who eagerly welcome her into their bohemian world. Or do they? As Jessica races to unravel the mystery behind a chain of horrifying deaths that only she seems to see, she'll come face-to-face with the chilling truth behind her connection to The Dante. Join her and her hot neighbor, Evan, in ten intense episodes that offer multiple levels of interaction, including hidden clues, mobile content, an online game and exclusive material that builds the back story of the characters and their relationships and gives the audience the chance to affect their futures."
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