Who would ever thought that David Schwimmer would helm some drama? Between acting gigs like Friends, helming 10 episodes of the hit show, directing Run Fatboy Run, and even picking up 6 episodes of Little Britain USA, he seemed to be completely focused on comedy. Yet now Variety reports that he will direct Clive Owen and Catherine Keener in a new "dark drama" called Trust.

Schwimmer created the story, which Andy Bellin wrote, and it focuses on the effects an online sexual predator has on a family. But it won't be Owen going back to his creepy Closer ways. Owen and Keener will play the parents of a 14-year-old girl who fell victim to an adult posing as a teenager in a chat room. The young Liana Liberato will play the daughter. There's no word on who the predator will be, but consider the lack of sex pronouns, I've got to wonder if it's a woman, or someone we never see.

Shooting will begin really soon -- next month in Michigan. And then we'll see what a dramatic David Schwimmer world is like. What do you think? Are you intrigued by the thought of Ross, online predators, and Clive Owen with Catherine Keener? Is this a new era -o- Schwimmer?
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