Michael Jai White In 'Black Dynamite,' actor Michael Jai White dons the afro, butterfly collar and nunchucks to transform himself into the titular character, a no-nonsense ex-CIA agent who avenges his brother's death and uncovers nefarious government plans at the hands of "The Man." With a look and soundtrack straight out of the 1970s, 'Dynamite' is a loving tribute to Blaxploitation classics like 'Trouble Man,''The Mack' and 'Foxy Brown.'

No stranger to playing the role of tough guy, White broke through as the lead in the 1995 HBO film 'Tyson' before portraying cult comic book superhero Spawn in the 1997 film of the same name and Gambol in last year's 'The Dark Knight.' 'Dynamite', though, stands as White's passion project, as the actor not only took on leading man status, but co-wrote the script. We caught up with the martial arts expert -- White earned his first black belt when he was 12 -- to discuss his heroes, bad movies and using martial arts skills for good instead of evil.
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