By the time New Moon hits theaters, I don't think there will be anything new left to watch. We will have seen still or moving images of everything. The trailers have already covered all the big plot points from beginning to end, and now new pics seem to be filling in the last bits, like the big movie theater scene above, courtesy of Beyond Hollywood. In an attempt to socialize after her post-Edward leaving catatonic funk, Bella concocts this idea to go to the movies, only everyone backs out except for the two guys crushing on her. It's horrible uncomfortableness mixed in with lots of sickness of both the human and wolfy variety. Other images (over at Ace Showbiz) include one post-movie pic, plus Billy Burke's dad presenting Bella with her gift before things for bloody papercutting bad.

Has anyone made a flip book yet? I'm betting it wouldn't be hard to make a comprehensive one now. This leads me to the thought: How much is too much? I can see some of the rationale -- these aren't exactly movies that are pulling in a huge non-Stephenie Meyer-reading crowd. It's not like Harry Potter tantalizing a whole new audience. The box office boosters know the story already. Spoilers are almost irrelevant. But there is something to be said for the magic of seeing things come to life. At some point, the wow has to fade, and the excitement of seeing it on the big screen has to fizzle.

How much do you think is too much?
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