How do you market one of the best horror movies of the year? With the best horror movie posters of the year, of course. We already laid eyes on the gorgeous, flaming-house one sheet for The House of the Devil back at the end August, but now that Magnet is gearing up Ti West's best film to date for its limited theatrical release at the end of October (it's already available via several Video On-Demand services), a few more posters have hit the Internet, each one captivating in its own way.

I'd say that I wish all horror movie posters were this good looking, but frankly I don't. Movies like Prom Night and The Stepfather don't deserve to have this kind of quality standing behind them. Let Hollywood stick to its generic, predictable Photoshop jobs; it just makes me appreciate artwork like this all the more.

Check out all of the posters below.
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