Those familiar with my wild, suburban antics behind the scenes of Cinematical will know that I have a small, unhealthy obsession with The Karate Kid. Perhaps it's because the film first hit theaters right as I was heading toward that childhood sweet spot where films stick to your heart and soul and wind up growing up a part of you. Or maybe it's because I've always connected with Daniel LaRusso since, as teenagers, we were both wimpy skinny kids with thick New York/New Jersey accents who, for one reason or another, were forced to deal with a group full of a**holes during our high school years.

Either way, it's an awesome movie -- and whenever Halloween comes around, I always make my lady crazy by insisting that I must were Daniel's shower costume to whatever lame Halloween party she decides to drag me to. Unfortunately, I've never worn it, though one year I will -- but that's totally not stopping my fellow Karate Kid nuts from doing the right thing in 2009 and purchasing one of those shower costumes to wear to your own Halloween parties.

You can pick one up right now on Amazon for $69, or you can follow this dude's instructions and make your own. Alternatively, if you want to dress as an evil skeleton like those damn Cobra Kai losers, you can also purchase that costume on Amazon as well (for $49). Trust me, you wear that shower costume this year and you'll definitely be the best around. Go for it!
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