The cheeky use of seemingly endless, interactive, and fake credits at the end of this "Let Love Rule" video for the Justice remix of Lenny's Kravitz's song take over once the hero saves the girl, hands her his lucky purple rabbit foot, and wanders off into the city. No, really. That's all there is after he shoots the bad guy in the head; the music plays, the guy wanders around the city, and the credits start rolling. There's Wolfman Rick, a prison guard, dancers, a cab driver, three assistant directors, and even a person to handle the floor special effects. Eventually, our hero realizes that the credits are actually there, and the fun begins.

Director Keith Schofield is definitely a creative, clever dude, as his viral videos, advertisements, and music videos (and many awards and professional kudos) go to show. The SFW XXX Diesel video is pretty wild -- I dare you to watch it and not try to figure out what's really happening behind the illustrations.

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