Yesterday we brought word from Bill Murray in London promoting Fantastic Mr. Fox, and when asked about Ghostbusters 3, the actor clearly said that until he sees a script, there's no Ghostbusters 3. He followed that up by pretty much saying that unless the script kills, he won't be suiting up to kill more ghosts anytime soon. But what about the rest of the cast, most notably Dan Aykroyd, who's been the one leading this Ghostbusters revival? Can he give us a more definitive status on the project?

Well, kind of. In Toronto promoting his father's new book, A History of Ghosts, Aykroyd was asked during a Q&A for a status update on Ghostbusters 3 ... and, basically, according to Aykroyd they have a script, but the studio has yet to greenlight it. And until he has that coveted production number, signaling the go-ahead, then Ghostbusters 3 is nothing but a ghost itself. The site reporting this, HoundsTV, goes on to say that Aykroyd feels the recession is playing a major factor in not securing funding, though he doesn't say that in the video and I think that's bulls*it (excuse my language).

The studio knows how big this film could be, and they know how massive the built-in audience is. The only thing that could prevent this project from moving forward is the script, which I assume is in the studio's hands as we speak. Of course we'll continue to update you as news pours in. In the meantime, watch Aykroyd's remarks after the jump.
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