Though X-Files: I Want to Believe kinda tanked at the box office and with fans back in 2008, that's not stopping those involved from looking forward to a potential third feature film in 2012. Back in August there was talk that 20th Century Fox was thinking of rebooting the franchise (what an original idea!), though I'm not sure how a franchise reboot would work without both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson reprising their roles -- and at the same time, wouldn't a franchise reboot look kinda weird if both Duchovny and Anderson reprised their roles? I'd think a "reboot" would go back to the beginning and star two new, younger stars -- though maybe Fox's reboot will be more like a sequel, and since everyone likes the word "reboot" more than "sequel" these days, they're just going with that for now. I'm already confused. You?

Needless to say, there's no harm in asking Duchovny what he thinks about the situation. Over at The Daily Beast, they spoke to the actor about his various roles, and when another go-round with the X-Files came up, he said, "As far as the X-Files movie I'd like to do next, if we get a chance to do it, would be a return to the heart and soul of the mythology, which is the alien-oriented conspiracy. I think it's natural for 'The X-Files' to have another movie in 2012, so we'll see if we get to do it."

So Fox wants a reboot and Duchovny wants to return to the show's alien mythology. I think there's a happy medium there, what about you?
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