Dylan Walsh As 'Nip/Tuck's' plastic surgeon Dr. Sean McNamara, Dylan Walsh has perfected the art of knife-wielding, a skill that prepared him well for the upcoming remake of the 1987 cult classic 'The Stepfather' (also starring Sela Ward and Penn Badgley).

The child of Foreign Service parents, Walsh spent his youth globe-trotting before settling in Annandale, Va. A former Shakespearean theatre and TV performer, the 45-year-old actor earned widespread renown for his role as Dr. Peter Elliott in 1995's 'Congo.' Since then, the actor has been seen in such diverse genres as war ('We Were Soldiers'), comedy ('Just Add Water') and romantic drama ('The Lake House').

After thoroughly creeping us out in 'The Stepfather,' the genial actor spoke to Moviefone about globe-trotting as a kid, the difference between a Thriller and Horror film, and why playing a serial killer was too fun to pass up.
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