Every now and then a film completely sneaks up on you and delivers a nice, pleasant surprise. Such is the case with Forget Me Not, a movie I didn't even know existed before watching the trailer (embedded below). Though I suppose in this particular case, 'nice' and 'pleasant' aren't the most applicable words, as Forget Me Not doesn't look quite so warm and fuzzy.

Written and directed by first timer Tyler Oliver, Forget Me Not tells the story of Sandy, a gal who just wants to survive high school. But when friends of hers start disappearing on the weekend of graduation, Sandy realizes the culprit is most likely a girl her group of friends wronged long ago. Now before you start rolling your eyes at how familiar of a setup that is, give the trailer a watch below. Unlike what you'd expect from a basic description like that, the culprit in question isn't exactly alive, and she also doesn't exactly look like a ghost. Whatever she is, she doesn't look happy.

Carly Schroeder, looking a bit more grown up than in Jacob Aaron Estes' excellent film Mean Creek, plays the lead Sandy. She's joined by a handful of youthful faces from shows like "Hannah Montana" and "Drake and Josh", which reminds me how much I enjoy seeing actors go from playing teeny-bopers on the Disney Channel to playing teens who die horrible deaths. Call me old fashioned, but it's a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine.

If you live in L.A., or if you're flying in for the fest, you can catch the world premiere of Forget Me Not at Screamfest Thursday, October 22nd.
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