Yup, Crackle's Zombiefest is a big fat goody bag full of online horror cinema, but let's not forget our old friend FEARnet! Give your horror shelf a break and dig through some of the FEARnet catalog, which this month includes The Seventh Sign, The Gravedancers, Terrorvision, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Infection, Zombie Honeymoon, and Night of the Demons. And that's only the flicks I liked! "Other" offerings include Boogeyman, Catacombs, and Soul Survivors.

Oh, and they've got The Wicker Man! The mega-creepy classic original, and not the hilariously overbaked Nicolas Cage remake. Or if you want to try something new, check out the Fear Clinic.

If your cable box offers FEARnet capabilities, your options are even wider (and freer): The Burning! House of 1000 Corpses! Killer Klowns from Outer Space! The Midnight Meat Train! Sleepaway Camp 2! Return of the Living Dead 3! Oooh, The Wicker Man again! Bottom line: You should always have a horror movie to watch.
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