In the summer of 2008, we got to see what the wonderful Luna Lovegood looked like in her spectrespecs. The image made me wonder if we'd be lucky enough to find spectrespec-shaped 3D glasses in the theaters when Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince hit, but alas, no such luck. However, now the WB store is offering Luna Lovegood Spectra Specs. (I guess spelling them with the proper "re" was too confusing. It's Philosopher's Stone/Sorcerer's Stone all over again!)

Anyway... The specs are quite like the ones in the film, but as an added bonus, they're also "UV 400 100% protection against ultra-violet rays." I'm not sure what pink and blue hues with psychedelic patterns do to one's eyeballs, but the store is definitely right in that these would make a killer addition to a Luna Lovegood costume. It's a really added bonus that these suckers are only $11.96.

It makes me wish these movies came out years earlier, so my young, long-haired, tow-headed self could have gone wild with Luna costume magic. As it stands, I don't think my adult self can resist picking up a pair. Anyone with me?

[via The Leaky Cauldron]
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