Welcome back to another installment in our ongoing award-winning (imaginary, that is) Insert Caption contest -- where you provide the funny caption and we provide the deadly maniacal trap for you to escape from after claiming victory. Wait, different contest. Let me try again: You provide the funny caption and we provide the totally awesome movie-related prize package! That's better. Last week we asked you to churn out a caption for a photo from Law Abiding Citizen. Congrats go out to our two winners for obeying our laws and taking home some sweet swag. That third winner? Oh, well, let's just say they crossed state lines and, um, won't be playing anymore. Ahem. Kidding. Or am I?

1. "It was the biggest regret of his life to choose a candy bracelet as his last meal. Well, second biggest..." -- Chris O.

2. "TONIGHT, WE DINE... um, in the cafeteria... with the other inmates..." -- Ben M.

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This week we're welcoming back our good friend (and world-renowned serial killer) Jigsaw, who, as luck would have it, decided to grace us with his presence for a sixth time with the film Saw VI. (Cue people screaming while trying to escape from some crazy, convoluted death trap.) The three lucky folks behind our favorite captions this week will (assuming they survive) walk away with one Saw VI t-shirt, one Saw VI poster, one Saw VI syringe pen and one Saw VI lollipop. Sound off below!

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