Whipping up a sequel to a big box office hit means amping up the wow factor, and it looks like Sex and the City 2 is going cameo crazy. We already heard about Liza Minelli being part of the rumored wedding (her involvement in the film has since been confirmed), that Barbra Streisand might pop by, and now it looks like Penélope Cruz is going to get inappropriate with Mr. Big.

People reports that the actress is popping up in a scene where she wears "a sexy backless black dress" and "gets a little too close to Mr. Big." But she's not just a sexy passerby -- sources say she's playing a banker. Super-sexy garb and snuggling aren't the usual bankerly actions, but the entire context of her scene is missing, so I'm not about to guess.

Meanwhile, Ms. Minelli was filming for three days, and sung "Every Time I Say Goodbye" for the crew. But perhaps the biggest news is that Jason Lewis is also appearing. SatC fans know Mr. Lewis is otherwise known as Smith Jerrod -- Samantha's ex who went from super-sweet boyfriend who stuck by her during cancer to plastic-like Hollywood star who was a cold ass, to put it bluntly. This could make the Samantha Jones rumors be true, or just be something to throw us off. Me, I'm hoping she kicks his butt to the curb. Same with Big and the inappropriate banker. The men-being-jerks scenario has been played to death.
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