John and Drew Dowdle, the duo behind the Reaper Award-winning "zombie" flick Quarantine, itself a remake of the Spanish cinema verite thriller [REC], will be directing Chris Messina as a "sobered up homicide detective" in the upcoming Universal thriller Devil.

Written by Hard Candy scribe Brian Nelson, the plot of the film is being kept hermetically sealed. Varietyreports that the film will be the first film produced and financed under the M. Night Shyamalan and Media Rights Capital joint venture known as Night Chronicles. It will be based upon a story from Shyamalan himself, which is an enticing prospect, as his stories are, dare I say, quite good, but his transferring of them from his mind to paper is a task better left to others.

This partnership will see Shyamalan's ideas written for the screen by other screenwriters, with one new genre film being released per year for the next three years. The film begins production on October 26th in Toronto and will be produced by Sam Mercer and Shyamalan.

Special thanks to Dread Central for the heads up.
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