When you're a dude who is known for his rocking body, sharp comedic wit, and nabbing two superhero franchises in a single year, how do you prove you're comfortable in your masculinity? Why, you put on a pair of stilettos, apply a hint of lipstick, and go out for a night on the town. It works for Welsh cage fighters and it's the career path Ryan Reynolds is pursuing. Variety reports that he's attached to star in an untitled "dude in drag" romantic comedy for Working Title. Allan Loeb is currently penning the script.

Reynolds plays a man who gets dumped, presumably through some fault of his own because he decides that the way to win her back is to befriend her. But naturally, he can't just call her up and say "Can we still be friends? I need you in my life." Instead, he decides to cross-dress as a woman, and become her best girlfriend. Who will bet me good money that she finds herself drawn to this new girl in her life, and decides to "experiment." Thankfully, it's really a man! No worries to the Prop 8 crowd.

I do find Reynolds funny, and he can usually wrench a laugh or two out of the most awkward and tired concepts. "Dude in drag" has been done to death (and then back again with a certain Mrs. Featherbottom) but at least Reynolds will get the chance to play up his cheekbones and eyes.
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