Director Sylvain White (Stomp the Yard) talked to Superhero Hype about his upcoming adaptation of Frank Miller's comic book mini-series Ronin. "I'd love to do it in 3D. I think it'd be ridiculous and amazing," White says, and he has a great respect for the source material, going so far as to dismiss previous adaptations of Miller's work. "It's something that needs to be done right, and it hasn't really been done right."

I'd argue strongly that Sin City was definitely done right, and I'm sure the legion of 300 fans would beg to differ as well. White is certainly enthusiastic, but nothing that we've seen from him so far would suggest that he's the talent capable of a flawless Frank Miller adaptation. I like his swagger, though--it reminds me a lot of Miller himself.

Ronin, first published in 1983 by DC Comics, is the story of a telekenetic quadriplegic who unleashes the spirits of long-dead samurai from a cursed sword in a dystopian future version of New York City. White reports that the screenplay is ready to go, so I'd expect to see production on Ronin begin to ramp up in 2010. No word on whether a title change (perhaps Frank Miller's Ronin) is in the works to prevent confusion with the 1998 John Frankenheimer thriller of the same name.
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