Looks like everyone is loving the "crossover" these days, not just Marvel and their legion of big-screen superheroes. ABC may become the latest to hop onboard the popular crossover trend after finding success with their quirky 'ABC House' promos from last year where TV spots featured different characters from within the ABC universe. But instead of keeping the TV spot theme, ABC wants to actually find ways to mix and match their various fictional television universes from within the actual TV shows themselves.

For example, according to E! Online, ABC execs are currently debating a way for Lost to collide with Desperate Housewives. How, you ask? Well, apparently a plane is set to crash on Wisteria Lane during the show's midseason cliffhanger, and, yup, that plane may indeed come from Lost's Oceanic Airlines. Thankfully, that's where the crossover will end, and none of the Lost castmembers will come trotting off the plane or anything like that. ABC just wants it to be a fun little easter egg for Lost fans, though as a big-time Lost fan myself, I'd rather both shows stay far away from each other.

Seriously, what's the point in doing this other than to completely ruin the reputation of the fictional Oceanic Airlines, otherwise known as the airline company that cannot keep their planes in the air? I don't know -- what do you think? Feel free to check out the 'ABC House' promo that featured both Lost's Matthew Fox and Desperate Housewives' Terri Hatcher after the jump. Cute? Yes. But this whole thing should end there.
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