Any time is the perfect time to visit the films of Alfred Hitchcock, but October seems a particularly good time to indulge in some of his creepier offerings. The only thing better might be spending an hour with the man himself -- and thanks to YouTube, you can come close. In 1973, Tom Snyder and his Tomorrow program conducted an hour long interview with the legendary director, who talked candidly about his career. The interview was believed to have been lost, but was discovered on a VHS tape and has now been put up on YouTube.

It's rare to actually hear Hitchcock speak for himself. He's now become one of those directors who is heard about more than he was ever heard from. While he was definitely in his twilight years here, his wit was still very much intact, and he talks about everything from his films, to his Jesuit training, his public image as "a monster," and the longevity of his career. In a delicious sign of the times, there's a glass of wine at his elbow the entire time. They certainly don't do interviews like this anymore! It's fascinating stuff, and a must see for any fan of Hitchcock, or anyone aspiring to create films in his image.

Pop below the jump for the embedded videos (and if they don't work fast enough, they can be found on this YouTube page), and thanks to Slashfilm for pointing it out. Enjoy!