It looks like we're getting a newishThelma & Louise. Over at Production Weekly's wonderfully brief Twitter feed, they report: "Amber Heard & Leighton Meester attached to star in Cowgirl Bandits a young version of Thelma & Louise, with Jessica Manafort to direct." Manafort has worked with both actresses before on her 2007 film, The Beautiful Ordinary, which focused on teens and their last day of high school. But this is a whole different corral.

Personally, I'm wondering if these are just s
ome slow-moving bandits. Back in March of 2007, we learned about a new project called The Uncatchable Cowgirl Bandits of Nottingham, Texas. The film was said to zero in on some cowgirls who are also bank robbers. But they don't rob just any bank -- they "steal from a number of branches of a bank that are threatening their community and corrupting town leaders." PW has since confirmed that this is the same movie, so I'd think Robin Hood would make for a more apt comparison than Thelma & Louise.

Can you imagine Mandy Lane and Blair Waldorf in spurs, getting their bandit on? Especially tagged with being the new Thelma and Louise?
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