Despite not receiving a release - and a limited one at that - until October 30th, Ti West's 80's throwback The House of the Devilis receiving oodles of praise, with some touting it as the best horror film of the year. While I do not share the same sentiments (I felt the story lagged considerably), I have nothing but respect for Mr. West, as The House of the Devil is not an homage to early 80's Satanic Panic flicks, it IS an 80's Satanic Panic flick. If you were to awaken from a 30-year coma and the first thing you did was watch this film, you would think no time has passed at all.

Instead of trying to emulate this success with another film, Mr. West is venturing into cyberspace to develop a webseries with IFC called Dead and Lonely, which will premiere on October 26th. According to Shock Till You Drop, the series will star Justin Rice as a newly-single man who turns to the online dating site He connects with a young woman searching for life, but there's a catch: she's a vampire.
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