The eccentric stop-motion geniuses (and identical twins) the Quay Brothers, aka Stephen and Timothy Quay and/or the Brothers Quay, create mesmerizing and wonderfully creepy stop-motion films since their first films in the '70s. With a wild assortment of esoteric influences from Polish animators, Kafka and Bruno Schulz (whose book The Street of Crocodiles inspired their short film by the same name), and an assortment of Eastern European composers and puppeteers, the Quay Brothers could be (and have been) studied in great detail by film scholars -- or just enjoyed by viewers who love their dark and uncanny worlds of broken dolls, over-loved stuffed animals, and clockwork creatures.

One of my favorite short films of theirs is a video they did for the song "Are We Still Married?" by the haunting Michigan group His Name is Alive. The two groups of artists mesh perfectly, and in fact did collaborate on another video as well, for the song "Can't Go Wrong Without You." The brothers have also done videos for other artists like Peter Gabriel and Sparklehorse, but HNIA just seems like the most perfectly delicious collaborators with their mercurial music -- soft with sudden outbursts, with just a hint of ominous anger lurking beyond the surface.

You can watch the video for "Are We Still Married?" after the jump, but if you want to see a high quality version of it, go to the official 4AD site, bite the bullet, and install RealPlayer just long enough to enjoy the beauty. The video is also available on the two-disc collection of their short film work from Zeitgeist Films.