As anyone who's read my stuff at Cinematical knows, I tend to mind release dates quite a bit. Real people have fantasy football, I have this armchair slate shuffling. (Don't judge me.)

Last February, I wondered out loud what Warner Bros. had in store for Richard Kelly's The Box, seeing as it had endured countless release date changes for the better part of a year. I like the moral dilemma at the film's center, and I trust Kelly -- yes, even after Southland Tales -- to expand Richard Matheson's short story in ways clever enough to justify the length of a feature.

After The Box settled down on November 6th, Universal ended up bumping back The Wolf Man from that date and replacing it with the alien abduction thriller The Fourth Kind. I wasn't all that thrilled by the trailer, but I can't deny that it always seems to get people talking when it plays before a movie.
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