It's Monday -- the beginning of the work week, the end of fun, the day that elicits groans from coast to coast, country to country, pole to pole. To perk up the monotonous weekday grind, Cinematical is now kicking off a daily pick from AOL's /SlashControl. In other words: Every day we will pick an excellent, notable, time-wasting, or terrible-but-good must-see movie that you should watch today. Why bother? Because it's free. You don't even have to offer up your first born. Simply use these picks to increase your cinephile clout, or to reintroduce yourself to a flick you haven't seen in years.

I almost decided to go the way of Dolly Parton to kick things off, but then decided to be slightly more serious and infinitely more cinematic with Hal Hartley and Henry Fool. (Yes, the one that inspired be to write a Scenes We Love back in March.) This 1997 film won Hartley Best Screenplay at Cannes in 1998, and it confused but intrigued Roger Ebert. Now you get the chance to decide for yourself.

The black comedy follows the young Simon Grim (James Urbaniak) as he lives through a lower-class Queens existence -- a life that immediately changes with the arrival of Henry Fool (Thomas Jay Ryan). A faux-intellectual rogue, Henry strikes up an affair with Simon's sister Fay (Parker Posey) while teaching Simon how to become a writer. Soon, Simon is thrust into a world of infamous literary notoriety as Henry's own past catches up with him.

But Henry Fool is one of those films that fails to live in brief descriptions. It only thrives as a moving piece of art, so:

Watch Henry Fool for free over at /SlashControl.
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