Why does anyone bother saying "Rest in Peace" anymore? The jig is up! You might think you'll lay in the ground forever, but maybe a lake has to be created where the cemetery is, financial turmoil hits, or scientists want to display your aged corpse in museums. In this case, one poor deceased man is being ripped from his space above Marilyn Monroe to pay off a mortgage.

Over the summer, Reuters reported that Elsie Poncher wanted to pay off her mortgage so she could leave her home "free and clear" for her kids. So, she decided to auction off her husband Richard Poncher's final resting place above Marilyn, move him to her adjacent spot, and get cremated herself. ("In fact the person occupying the address right now is looking face down on her.") The winning bid fell through and now Reuters reports that she's trying again. Expected to sell for millions, they aren't taking chances this time around: "bidders will have to be ready to make a deposit of 1 to 5 percent of the cost of the crypt, and they will have to prove that they have sufficient funds to buy it."

Let's get back to the face-down thing. Sounds weird, right? This is because it was his wish when he bought the space from Monroe's ex, Joe DiMaggio: "Poncher had a yearning for the crypt because he wanted to have in death what he never had in life, the chance to be face down on top of Marilyn Monroe, which is how his family placed him when he died in 1986." Gotta wonder if Elsie was none too happy with her husband wanting such an afterlife.

What would you pay for the chance to remove Richard Poncher from his dreamed final resting place?
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