I never in a million years thought I'd see a day where the world of Star Trek merged with the foul-mouthed, insensitive world of rapper Eminem, but here we are with video proof! German rapper Klenginem has put together a music video featuring himself covering Eminem's 'Without Me' in the Klingon language. I guess there's no point in warning you of nasty language (unless you're fluent in Klingon), so I'll just point you toward the wondrous music video below so you can rock out hard with Klenginem as he throws down the fresh beats with a pretty boring Klingon-inspired slide show featuring Klenginem and his Klingon posse gettin' down with their bad selves. Really Germany? Is this what it's come to?

Those looking to learn more about the Klingon language can try out the free online Klingon-to-English translator over here. Oh, and if you like what you see and desperately want to join Klenginem's fan club, you can do so right over at his official website. Watch Klenginem do his thing after the jump.
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