No, you didn't just accidentally spit up food on your computer monitor -- if you look closely, you'll actually see that the above image shows both the planets Earth and Jupiter in the same wide-angle shot. And no, this wasn't taken from your friend Larry's backyard (so don't get all upset thinking you missed, like, the coolest once-in-a-lifetime photo opp while you were washing your hair last Wednesday) -- instead, the image was taken aboard the Mars Global Surveyor on May 22, 2003. In the above photo (which you can see better by clicking the image below), Earth was 86 million miles away, and Jupiter was 600 million miles away.

The only way this photo was even possible was because during certain times the planets line up in such a way that both Earth and Jupiter can be caught in the same shot. What amazes me most about this is not that this was possible, but that freaking Jupiter looks pretty big considering, oh, it's 600 million miles away. Imagine how giant that sucker must be up close.

Check out the larger image below, along with a graph that shows how the planets aligned.

[via DVice]
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