Greetings from Los Angeles, where the sun shines every day. It's sort of like 'Groundhog Day'.

I am a Canadian transplant who grew up in Toronto. I moved to LA to be immersed in the film centre of the world and, admittedly, the weather was a huge allure. Ah, this is what sunshine feels like. I no longer have to be concerned with snowstorms. I am liberated from road salt eating up the bottoms of all my jeans. Now, I deal with brushfires, smog, earthquakes and a dry air-induced skin condition.

Some Americans call me a "Frostback." Others have asked me if I had to wear snowshoes when I lived in Toronto. Um, no. Mostly, though, I have been embraced. They seem to love Canadians here. I think they perceive us as their kid siblings whom they love, but don't fully understand, eh.

In a city obsessed with entertainment, when people hear my first name, they often say "Pamela Anderson," as if they're playing a spontaneous game of word association. Why, yes, every Canadian woman is named Pamela.
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