According to Spike TV, the Scream Awards for 2009 aim to honor "the best in fantasy, sci-fi, comics, and horror." But let's be realistic -- no awards show is going to truly pick the best, because there are always other things at play -- business politics, catering to the audience, personal predilections. But I wasn't expecting the young adult males to be all about the Twilight. Either the long arm of fangirl MTV viewers infiltrated Spike, or maybe ... boys like Twilight?

The Award ceremonies got cooking on Saturday night, and one of the big winners was the big vamp romance nabbing Best Fantasy (over flicks like Coraline and Watchmen), Best Fantasy Actor, Best Fantasy Actress, and Breakout Performance for Taylor Lautner. (I never realized 3 brief conversation about trucks, vamps, and bad boyfriends was breakout material...) Beyond the sparkling vampiric action, True Blood also got four awards (Best TV, Best Villain, Best Horror Actor & Actress), and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen scored prizes for Special Effects, Best Sci-Fi Actress (Megan Fox), and Breakout Performance (Isabel Lucas).

By now you've probably gotten the hint: These aren't really the Best of anything. But there are some better perks in the mix: J.J. Abrams got Best Director for Star Trek, Drag Me to Hell earned the Best Horror Movie spot, Watchmen did get some love for Best Comic Book Movie, George A. Romero won the Mastermind Lifetime Achievement Award, and Stan Lee won the Comic-Con Icon Lifetime Achievement Award.

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[via OMG Celebrity News' Winners List]
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