Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat Paranormal ActivityWARNING! Potential 'Paranormal Activity' spoilers below -- read on at your own risk.

Any remaining doubt that the super-low-budget horror-thriller 'Paranormal Activity' is the new 'Blair Witch Project' pretty much went flying out the window this weekend. Like 'Blair Witch,' which cost $60,000 to make and hauled in $140.5 million domestically, the made-for-$11,000 'Paranormal' is scaring up big bucks at the box office. After earning an impressive $7.7 million in 160 theaters in its first weekend, then grossing an astounding $20.2 million in 760 theaters last weekend, the film scored another $22 million this weekend to cut the mighty 'Saw VI' down to size and claim the No. 1 spot at the box office.

Also like 'Blair Witch,' moviegoers are leaving 'Paranormal' screenings scared to bone and convinced that the footage they've just seen is real. Case in point: Last week, hundreds of thousands of Internet users were Google-searching for the obituary of the film's male lead, Micah Sloat, who may or may not have met his maker (we're not telling) during the purely fictional events depicted in the movie -- which goes to show that audiences are having a very hard time distinguishing fact from fiction.