Did you like Cabin Fever? It's ok, you can be honest. It may not have been the greatest movie in the world, but it was a solid debut from the now notorious "Bear Jew" Eli Roth, and to be honest, it was just a damned fun movie. Overflowing with gore, witty one-liners and Cerina Vincent naked, Cabin Fever has become my "background noise" movie, and I am proud to say I genuinely like the film.

Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever....eh, not so much.

The sequel, written and directed by Ti West has a sordid past, and West isn't too proud of it. Shock Till You Drop scored an exclusive interview with West after a screening of his soon-to-be-released 80s throwback The House of the Devil, and revealed some very interesting information concerning the controversial release of the follow-up to Eli Roth's gore-infused horror/comedy. After editing his cut of the film, Lionsgate wanted to take the film in a new direction, and West would have none of that. As a result, he disowned the film, and did what he could to get his name taken off the final product.

"I very much wanted the Alan Smithee credit - that would have been a silver lining to me. I would have been more than happy to have promoted the film if I had had Alan Smithee on it. They said no; I'm not DGA, so I couldn't do it. And the DGA doesn't do Alan Smithee anymore, anyway, so it was a bummer situation with that. I really do not feel like it's my film. That was a film that was really made by a bunch of other people on that production. And it's unfortunate."

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