Who wants to see a foreign action flick about a hero with a flying car? Me, not so much – that is, until I heard that Russian director Timur Bekmambetov was on board as producer. I absolutely loved Bekmambetov's modern day sci-fi film Night Watch and its sequel, Day Watch. While his Hollywood debut, Wanted, left me a little apathetic, I'll still give anything that Bekmambetov's hard-to-pronounce name is attached to, especially if it looks as fun as Black Lightning.

The special effects-laden action pic follows a college student who drives an old, used Volga (from the looks of it, a late 1950s model) that can fly and do other awesome things -- short of transforming into a giant robot -- that allow its driver to become a crime-fighting hero.

Watch the full trailer (in Russian) after the jump.