In honor of a slightly controversial article I recently penned, In Defense of the Saw Series, I thought today's Fate Worse Than Death should somehow tie into Jigsaw's franchise. But, aside from the first two movies, I've only seen each Saw flick once. So logically my brain jumped right to Saw 2, which may just have the creepiest kills of the whole dang series. My first thought was of Shawnee Smith stumbling into the "needle pit," but that's not the kill that really creeps me out.

That honor would go to the unfortunate fate of Ms. Emmanuelle Vaugier, or at least the character she played in Saw 2, and here's why: It's the basic, disturbing simplicity of the trap. Imagine one of those "Chinese finger trap" things, only instead of fingers it's wrists, and instead of woven wicker it's blades of stainless steel. Director Darren Bousman seems well aware of how basically disturbing this trap is, and the result is a truly chilling demise. It makes me squirm just thinking about it.
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