If you're like me, you wake up every day with one thought on your mind: Is today the day when aliens will finally attack Earth? Because you know it's coming eventually, especially if Michael Bay and Roland Emmerich continue to make movies -- so what's the real deal, then? How close are we to discovering life on another planet? And I don't mean ice crystals, or whatever the hell they look for these days. Who gets excited over an ice crystal on Jupiter's moon? Nah, we want actual aliens who fly spaceships and shoot lasers ... right?

Well, good news for you space freaks is that 32 new planets have been discovered in outside our solar system. 32 freaking planets! News about the new planets was recently announced at a conference in Portugal, and according to Wired, several of the newly discovered planets are what they call 'super-Earths', which means they have a mass only a few times that of our planet and could potentially contain Earth-like environments. From Nature.com: "... the planets may not be the biggest, fattest, smallest or Earthiest, but they show that the chances of us finding Earth-like planets are pretty high."

So ... what are you naming your alien baby?

[via NPR]
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