Spider-Man 3

Sometimes it's hard not to feel sorry for a top-notch bad guy (or girl) who's stuck in a terrible movie. Many of us cherish some guilty pleasure films that we watch just for the evil characters. The plot may stink, the hero or heroine may be as dull as dishwater, the dialogue makes soap operas look subtle ... but oh, those glorious villains add a much-needed spark of life. Often, such villains and villainesses are played by critically acclaimed actors who need a gig with a big paycheck.

I've always wished I could pick up a few of these notably evil characters and move them to a better movie, one where their talents are more appreciated, one that doesn't end up on a DVD that people hide on the bottom of their shelves so no one makes fun of them. Here are a few of my favorites -- who am I missing on this list?
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