Yesterday, we kicked off our first installment of Cinematical's Free Flick of the Day, where one of our writers will humbly suggest a good, bad, or truly ugly film you can watch for free over at AOL's /SlashControl. Since the content over there is constantly shifting, we'll try our very best to point you towards the good, the bad, and the ugliest films you can watch there for free.

Today's pick is an ugly little time-waster. Before Troll 2 rose to such "So bad it's good" acclaim, Frogs had the dubious honor of being called "The best bad movie I've ever seen in my life" by Fran Lebowitz, and was reportedly Andy Warhol's favorite horror movie. I first encountered it on a dollar DVD rack, and purchased it as a gift for a friend who adores bad movies. How can you resist a DVD cover like the one to your right for a whole dollar? How can you resist it for free? You can't, and it might be the most fun you have this Halloween. (I hope not.)

Frogs is a 1970s eco-"horror" flick that stars Ray Milland, Sam Elliott,Joan Van Ark, Adam Roarke, and Judy Pace. Milland plays a wealthy, wheel-chair bound Southern patriarch, who has no compassion for wildlife. His chemical company is responsible for wrecking havoc all over the wilderness, but its the critters that surround his plantation that decide to rise up and defend their wetlands. Don't watch this movie alone if you can help it -- not because it's scary, but because it's stupid, and you'll want the company. It's the perfect film to play MST3K / Rifftrax with, and if you can't make at least one trouser snake joke during its mercifully short runtime (particularly with the deliciously hunky Elliott running around in very tight pants), then I don't know what to make of you.

I want to hop Over to AOL /SlashControl, and watch Frogs!
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