Maybe it's not your cup of tea, but I'm continually impressed with the original content College Humor puts out each month. Okay, not all of it is comedic gold, but there's definitely enough of the good stuff to wonder who, exactly, is behind all these hilarious shorts ... because I think they should be writing some big-screen comedy so that we don't have to deal with more mall cops and bad Eddie Murphy fat suit humor.

My buddy Aaron sent over their latest video this morning, and it recreates the Pixar opening (ya know, Luxo Jr. hops over to the letter 'I' in Pixar and stomps on it), but instead -- and in the spirit of Halloween -- they go the horrific angle and imagine a scenario in which the other letters freak out and accuse Luxo Jr. of murdering their buddy. From there they go to a funeral for the letter 'I', Luxo Jr. goes to prison and, well, just watch it for yourself after the jump.

I know College Humor have or had a TV show, though I never got around to watching it. Is it good? Is it worth watching?