You know what? I don't care what anyone says, I loved John Carpenter's Vampires. It was stupid fun and, if I may be so bold, the last Carpenter-directed theatrical release that was actually worth watching. In the eleven years since that movie has been out, Carpenter has helmed only one other theatrical release, the rather abysmal Ghosts of Mars. He satisfied the cravings of fans by directing two episodes for the Master's of Horror, but beyond that he has been relatively absent on the horror scene.

Well, Carpenter's back, and this time he's venturing into a ghost story territory with the psychological thriller The Ward. Set to be released in 2010, The Ward focuses on Kristen, a young woman spending her days in a mental institution being tormented by a deadly ghost. With luck, Carpenter will utilize the inherent creepiness of a mental hospital to its full effect and craft a genuinely creepy psychological thriller. Art from the film can be seen behind the cut.

But that's not all! In addition to giving us the heads up on The Ward, Fear of the Dark has also clued us in to a number of other projects Carpenter is working on. Currently in pre-production is a flick called Riot, which is about the delinquent son of a governor who is temporarily incarcerated as part of a "Scared Straight" program, only to end up becoming a hostage when a riot breaks out. Other films on the slate are ThePrince and L.A. Gothic, the latter of which is said to be an anthology surrounding an ex-priest, his daughter and the ghostly underbelly of the City of Angels. Details concerning The Prince have yet to be revealed, though one can safely assume it's not an adaptation of Machiavelli's political treatise.

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