The online world was buzzing over the weekend when word came down via AICN that, according to actor Matthias Schweighöfer, both Jude Law and Robert DeNiro had been cast in Marvel's upcoming superhero flick Thor. Schweighöfer had made the comments in the German version of GQ magazine after admitting that he was also in the running for a part in the film. Now, though, according to the website Gossip Cop, Law's reps have denied the casting, saying it's "not true". As far as DeNiro goes, they claim to have "checked around" and, as far as they can tell, DeNiro isn't doing the film either.

Now, maybe it's because I've been doing this for awhile, but I just don't plain trust actor's reps. If all parties involved wanted this news out there, it would've been out there already. So, if these casting rumors are indeed true, chances are negotiations are still ongoing and no one wants to say anything until the deals are done. Either that or Schweighöfer was told the wrong info or old info, or whatever. Point is the guy isn't going to pull two random names out of a hat for the hell of it -- either Law and DeNiro are involved or were involved at some point, in my opinion. In the meantime, let's chill out for a little bit and see if this one comes back to life later this month.

Thor hits theaters on May 20, 2011.
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