Just a few days ago my good friend Peter Martin asserted that we should prohibit cell phone usage within movie theater auditoriums. I'd like to take that idea one step further: Let's also eliminate all cell phones from horror films. Why? Because, as the following video clearly (and amusingly) indicates, a cell phone in a horror film is about as useful as a condom in a vasectomy clinic.

Pity the poor screenwriter who must "isolate" his horror film characters for story purposes. And check out how lazy most of 'em are when it comes to taking cell phones out of the equation. ("Ugh, no bars! No signal!") Also, you ever notice how cell phones never work properly in horror movies -- except when it's a horror movie about haunted cell phones? Then you get all the damn signal you want, right?

(Thanks to @flickchart for the heads-up on the video.)

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