Those looking for more proof that James Cameron's Avatar will change the way you look at yourself in the mirror for all eternity times infinity will definitely want to check out the film's next trailer, which will run about three and a half minutes and will arrive in theaters this Friday, October 23rd, according to Coming Soon. Unfortunately for those who don't decide to go to the movies this weekend, you all will have to wait till the trailer hits the online world on October 29th ... though one imagines some moron will bootleg the thing and there will be a cruddy YouTube version floating around until Fox decides to unload the clearer copy.

In related news, The New Yorker has a fascinating 12-page piece up on James Cameron and Avatar, which tracks Cameron's career while reporting from the set of what could be this year's biggest film (with the right marketing campaign). There's so much meat and potatoes in this thing that it's hard to pull out one or two quotes, though I did find it interesting that Cameron set out to make a guy's movie with Avatar, but because of the love story and some of the themes, admits that the film is ultimately a chick flick. He says, "Of course, the whole movie ends up being about women, how guys relate to their lovers, mothers-there's a large female presence. I try to do my testosterone movie and it's a chick flick. That's how it is for me."

Read the rest of the New Yorker piece over here. Avatar hits theaters on December 18.
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