I may be able to count the number of Smallville episodes I've seen on one hand (how does this show keep going without being retitled Metropolis?), but I'm totally geeky for DC Comics' Justice Society of America. According to IGN TV, Geoff Johns, the writer responsible for resurrecting JSA and the Hal Jordan Green Lantern over at DC, is adding the superteam (or at least three of its members) to an episode of Smallville titled "Society" that will air in January 2010.

The most recognizable character in the Smallville version of the JSA is the winged warrior Hawkman, who'll be played on the long-running CW show by Michael Shanks (Stargate SG-1). Dr. Fate, a mystic servant to the forces of order, has been around the DC Universe just as long as Hawkman, but hasn't had the good fortune and face-time that come along with being a Super-Friend. He'll get his chance to shine when Brent Stait (Andromeda) brings him to life on the small screen. Rounding out the trio is Britt Irvin (2009's V) as Stargirl--a precocious teen with a powerful "cosmic rod" inherited from Starman (Starman being one of the greatest comics ever. Seriously.)

I'm certainly curious about the episode, but I was unimpressed with the visual treatment of the Justice League when they made their debut on the show in the sixth season episode "Justice". (Old Navy-esque hooded fleece vests on everyone? Really?) I'll never understand how anyone can run a show about superheroes, but still feel too embarrassed to actually put them in superhero costumes of some sort. A Hawkman without wings ain't no Hawkman at all. We'll see how things turn out on Smallville this January.
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