Hypothermia, the James Felix McKenney-directed thriller has, until today, intrigued people based solely on the teaser trailer alone. Devoid of anything that could possibly reveal the plot, I thought the film to be a psychological thriller set in the Arctic, but I was dead wrong.

The fine folks over at Shock Till You Drop brought to my attention the newly revealed plot, which has more in common with classic creature features of old than the delightfully eerie The Thing from Another World.

"Imagine Jaws under the ice, imagine terror at 20 degrees below freezing...In a remote winter hideaway devoid of any sign of life, two unsuspecting families on an ice-fishing trip vacation discover something sinister lurking in the frozen lake. One thing is for certain - the creature is hungry and the only prey left is human. Hypothermia is a classic monster movie in the tradition of The Creature from the Black Lagoon."

Well color me intrigued. While I have yet to be completely blown away by any pic Fessenden has had his hand in, either as director or producer, I do adore his love for environmental horror, i.e. utilizing the environment to elicit fear, so I will go into this film with relatively high expectations. I may change my tune once an official trailer is released, but until then I'll just be satisfied with the solid teaser.

As of now there is no cast, but the film is slated for a release sometime in 2010. Fessenden's Glass Eye Pix will produce for Dark Sky Films.
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